Puro Testimonials

Meenakshi Bhagat

Effective and sweet smelled lip moisturizer. I bought the mango lip balm from flipkart and after using it, I am more than happy and satisfied. As soon as I opened it, the 1st thing I noticed, was its sweet smell. it was not overpowering at all. I am using it almost for the last 2 months. I think now it is the right time to review it. This lip balm keep lips moisturized and soft. Use it daily, have patience, and see its healing effect on chapped lips too.


The mango lip balm a lovely smell of mangoes! Stays on long enough. I also especially like puro products because they are not tested on animals. And since it is natural.

Kirti Qanongo

One of the best face scrubs I have tried till date and believe me I've tried many. As soon as you open the cute tub, a soothing fragrance comes out. It feels very gentle and soothing as you apply it on your face. It doesn't lather as it is sulfate free which is a plus. Oily skinned beauties may not like it much but it suited my dry/sensitive skin to the t. It even made my skin glow and made the blackheads disappear. Also I could see a vast difference in the texture and feel of my skin in just a single use. All in all a very effective product. If you want to try a gentle yet effective scrub which is chemical free , just go for it. Thank you Puro for bringing out such an amazing product

Dr Saroj Bagrecha

"First oil application & shampoo with conditioner has reduced hair fall & hair has become smooth. Thanks it is Pujya Pappaji's Krupa."

Kavita Modi

“I tried all the products including the premium Lo'real products i.e. serum etc., but they didn't help. Thanks to Puro Products (the combination of the Lavender Rosemary Head Massage Oil, Hair Cleanser & Conditioner) my problem of extremely dry, lifeless and frizzy hair has been solved! :)”

Isa Heini

“My family loves your soaps!!! From packing to fragrance every thing!”

Anupama Datla

“I got your puro gift set from a friend for diwali. It really looks so good. You'll have done a lovely job with packaging the whole thing. And as always products are great”

Kruti Shah

“I love the flavours and smell of your body butter. Also, im quite happy using the ubtan powder for my acne/oily skin.
P.s : Any fragrance that lasts for long or easily recognised by friends and i get all the attention for the irresistible aroma... is a happy feeling!:)”

Bina Doshi

“Puro cooling gel helped on applying over burns due to hot oil. Burning sensation subsided over 10 minutes and no marks !!!! ”

Priyansi Vadhar

“The floral fusion body splash is too good!”

Hemal Goshar

“The soaps are very good”

Meena Veera

“Your soap & face masque gave very good results”

Sandhya Jalani

“We LOVED the baby shower stuff. It all looks & smells fabulous”


“Very nice gift hamper and the Oceano Body Splash is great too”

Kajal Kejriwal

“The baby shower products were wonderful...….Thnank for all ur help in such short notice”

Prachi Shah

“The head message oil is fantastic! Good job!”

Madhvi Ahuja

“We LOVE the baby shower hamper! It is perfect 🙂 Thank you for this...we really appreciate the efficiency”

Shridurga Kamath

“Your products are awesome I really like them :)”

Aashni Pandya

“The skin brightening & refining masque was very good and really helped my skin improve :)”

Anchal Dhanuka

“The peach lip butter is yummy... Loved it!”

Punya Shah

“The blue ice soap is thoroughly refreshing (my dad loved it) and all the other soaps smell amazing, cant wait to try the choco mint one 🙂 and the hair oil did wonders for my hair”

Rupa Shende

“Use minty fresh gel on your face and welcome glowing skin...you will never use anything else on your face...a must buy for all who want a clean and clear skin!!”

Latika Kapoor

“I have to say I am in love with your tea tree shower gel. That's the best anyone can get, especially in summer. I love it because the fragrance is amazing, it stays for long and after that u really dnt need to apply any body butter. I tried body shop's but that is no where close to yours.... After trying yours I just cudnt pick up that. One bottle of your tea tree shower gel and I am sorted for my summer. Simpy love your products :)”

Chirag Mody

“Their bath gels and soaps are fantastic and no harmful stuff to boot ... Things can be too good to be true”


“Puro is awesome. I love the face wash. It leaves skin glowing and is completely natural. The blue ice soap and body splash is super too...Cant wait to try out more ”

Ratheen Shroff

“Have been using the hair oil for 2 months (once a week) and I can already tell the difference. thicker hair and faster growth. don't know what you put in it. but it works! Love the Blue Ice soap too! very refreshing!”


“I must tell you my experience with the PURO shampoo - It has reduced my hair fall by 50% on the first wash itself! I have tried every other way to reduce the hair fall and none of it worked. I am now using it regularly and my fair fall is reduced drastically...thanks u guys!!”

Vinati Saraf

“I tried the lip balm which was awesome too!”

Nayantara Pai

“Love your product ! Addicted to it now”


“Thank you for making great lip balms at such affordable prices! I loved both the flavors I had ordered (chocolate peppermint and mocha). My colleagues and friends tried them out as well and they also felt the same (in fact one of them was so impressed by the quality that she placed an order for two other flavors!) Also, thank you for the super fast turn-around on delivery. I plan to try out your other products soon. Thanks again and keep up the great work!”


“I absolutely love your products and have been eagerly awaiting each new launch (please introduce shampoo next, no shampoos help hair-fall problem in Dubai!) Your cooling gel really helped my skin survive the summer weather shock here last year and with your face moisturizer, I finally found one which doesn’t burn my sensitive skin. Body washes, butters, lip balm are all fantastic products as well. Had gifted 2 of your prods to my cousin some months back and she's now a regular customer!”

Piya Bakshi

“Niyati, some feedback on Puro. I have hypersensitive skin and can’t use stuff with a lot of chemicals. Your body washes are amazing, so gentle, pure and super hydrating!! The soaps too are great - it beats Lush hands down. I am a Lushie and after 10 odd years, have switched from Lush to Puro! The cooling gel healed the rash on my face overnight - no Lush/Locatainne/Lancome/Estee Lauder could do it. I just can’t stop raving about your stuff! Keep up the good work!”

Kasturi Dongaonkar

“Your exhibition last evening was lovely! Really liked all the products! Great going!”

Megha Mehra

“Fabulous products! I love the hair oil, face wash, toner, cooling gel, lip balm and can’t wait to try the rest! Congratulations, guys!”

Hardi Shah

“Thanks Niyati, I received the lip balms! They are the best in the world! Simply awesome - pink and so very veg.“

Ayesha Mansukhani

“The face wash is awesome. Feels like super natural. U guys should make a face pack. Can't wait for the body mist. Make a fresh fragrance for me!”

Shweta Patel

“I need to give you some feedback, especially on your hair oil. Ever since I was a kid, I have been suffering from dry and frizzy hair. It’s been a long time now since I have started using Puro hair oil and I could see the change after the first wash itself. Apart from this, the lip balm takes the 2nd place as my favorite (can’t wait for your Lip tubes!) Well done!”

Larissa Pitter

“Everyone I gave the products to has loved them. My thirteen year old niece has given me a list of stuff she now wants me to order so that she can give them to her friends as gifts (I am thrilled with this - her earlier gifts include fluorescent and/or cheap black nail polish). Thanks for easing my Christmas gifting process”


“Since I belong to the social sector (and after having worked on microfinance, SHGs and Mahila mandals etc), I am pretty thrilled that I am starting to find NGOs that offer quality products and that I don't have to suffer through 'sympathy buying' like I have in the past! Great going!”

Mansi Kapadia

“Hey Priyal and Niyati, love all your products, especially the apple scrub.”

Nibha Kaul

“Wow! Looking forward to trying this new summer range - they look awesome! Already in love with the apple face scrub and the soaps. Looks like the lip butter is soon going to be added to the list! All thumbs up for Puro products!”

Smriti Parikh

Love the soaps - the fragrance, the way your skins feels afterwards and they look really attractive!

Jayshree Mody

Floral Fusion Body Splash - Love the fragrance, super refreshing and Long-lasting

Dixsita Kothaari

I swear by your Vanila and Orange body cream. I have never come across this combination before - how about a life time supply? I also love the skin toner and the refreshing liquid. Hats off to you. All the best! Niyati and Priyal, you rock!