Face Care

Face Care

Face Wash – Sulphate free face wash that clears clogged pores to reveal silky smooth radiant looking skin.

Face Moisturizer – A light, all-in-one facial moisturizer that sinks in to reduce wrinkles & blemishes, tone & protect skin, leaving it soft and looking radiant.

Facial Toner – Alcohol free toner hydrates, tones & refreshes the skin whilst removing impurities and restoring balance without drying the skin.

Cooling Gel – An essential product to alleviate long term sun and pollution induced skin damage. This gel repairs, soothes and rehydrates the skin to reveal youthful glow & radiant complexion.

Face Masque – This masque is bursting with naturally nourishing ingredients that help to remove oils & impurities, produce a lightening & brightening effect, reduce pigmentation, acne & scars , counteract infection , alleviate sun & pollution damage and improve complexion.