Param Pujya Pappaji

Pujya  Pappaji has been a successful industrialist and is known for his versatile  personality and dynamic leadership. He began his career in 1948 as a trader in  sugar and chemicals in Kanpur. He then went on to become an industrialist of  repute and a very successful businessman. His meteoric rise from a small trader  to a big industrialist can be attributed to his intelligence, hard work and  business acumen.

Unfazed by  his material success, he embarked on a journey to spiritual awakening when he  struggled to understand the diversities of life. He found solace in the  writings of Shrimad Rajchandra and aspired to meet a Living Master. He found  his mentor in Shri Bhogibhai Sheth, a disciple of the great Shrimad Rajchandra.  Shree Bhogibhai inspired him with his thoughts and Mr. Mehta guided by the  light of knowledge and spirituality, incarnated the philosophy of Vitraag  Vigyaan, the science of self-realization. He could not escape the eyes of true  seekers and the compassion has been flowing ever since……which led to the  formation of Shrimad Rajchandra Gyan Ashram (now known as Shrimad Rajchandra  Aatma Tatva Research Centre) at Parli, Off Khopoli-Pali Road in the Raigad  District of Maharashtra.

Sa-Ni-Sa team  recognizes this venture as his gift to them and aspires that under his guidance,  it brings about a spiritual evolutionary experience for all.

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