Entrepreneurship Development / Skill Building

Create an ecosystem where all women in a community come together and handhold each other to prosper through economic, financial and social welfare

At Sa-Ni-Sa we put in a concerted effort to uplift the current socio-economic status of women in India. We understand that all reforms have to start at the grassroots and address primordial issues like education and health, skills and employability, awareness and independence.

Sa-Ni-Sa is proud to have established a Vocational Training Centre in Parli, the first such centre in Sudhagad that trains women from around 37 villages across Maharashtra. We are also promoting good agricultural practices amongst tribal men and women, encouraging them to cultivate vegetables and fruits on their own farms in order to achieve financial independence.

Apart from entrepreneurship and skill-building campaigns, Sa-Ni-Sa takes other initiatives as well to add value to the lives of the tribal people.