Divinité – Crystal

Crystal Range


Crystal Collection Rs. 1000 / kg*

  • Caramo – Soft Centre with Creamy Caramel Ganache in a Swirl of Roasted Cashew Bits.
  • Coconutty – Smooth White-Chocolate Filling Perfected with Coconut Threads…
  • Cookies N’ Cream – Creamy White Chocolate and Crisp Cookie Crumbs Moulded in Dark Chocolate
  • Donatella – Indulge in a Soft Praline Centre with Crunchy Bits of Hazelnuts and Wafer Crisps
  • Mint Chasers – Discover a Perfect Pair – Dark Chocolate with an Intensely Fragrant Mint Filling
  • Mochaccino – Dark Chocolate Cup Filled with Aromatic Coffee Crème, Topped with Mild White Chocolate.
  • Orange Tango – Fine Milk Chocolate with an Exquisite Orange Flavoured Centre
  • Raisin Crème – Fine Dark Chocolate Locking in a Creamy Ganache with Raisins!
  • Vanilla Almond – A Lusciously Smooth Vanilla Filling Embedded In Crisp Wafer and Roasted Almond Bits