Awards & Recognition

Sa-Ni-Sa’s journey empowering women in the rural and tribal areas in Maharashtra has been full of challenges. While we continue our efforts to give these women economic independence without expecting anything in return, we are humbled by the recognition that has come our way in the form of awards and key projects that we have enjoyed executing in association with corporate entities.

Sa-Ni-Sa was given the ‘Rashtra Ratna’ award by the Rashtra Shakti Foundation for exemplary work in the field of Women Welfare.

Sa-Ni-Sa was given the ‘Best-Managed NGO’ award on Women’s Day by Dr. Chhaya Bhadkamkar, the Mumbai District Chairperson of Innerwheel Club.
Udaan undertook a diya (traditional earthenware lamp) painting project in association with MphasiS, an HP company, and won the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Project across India by Hewlett Packard, USA.

And we are equally thankful to each and every corporate client of SaNiSa for supporting us by buying our products as part of their CSR initiatives.

We also thank each and every retail client of SaNiSa for their continuing patronage.

Your recognition of our products is our most valuable Reward!